Chuck Connors-The Rifleman


OK. I’m really excited about this blog. As a child I use to love waking up on Saturday mornings at my grandmother’s house in a rural small town of Marianna,Arkansas. I live in this town for 5 years. I moved to marianna October 26th,1982 and departed marianna September 28th,1987. The five years I spent in marianna saturday mornings was a big deal in the household. My aunt Josephine would always get up super early and cook breakfast for me, and my cousins. Usually pancake type cakes and flapjacks,grits,missisippi red Hot links (Oh how I miss being a kid). Seemingly our Saturday was set. I would watch my Saturday morning cartoons, like the superfriends, pacman,etc. Then it was always on to pro- Wrestling. But the big deal What always got me pumped up was western saturday. Every Saturday from 12-5 pm was an all out western blast off. Kicking it off was the lone ranger for an hour. Then bonanza. But, at the 2 Oclock time slot and my all around favorite of em all The Rifleman. Why the rifleman you may ask? I was a total mark for chuck Connors. He was lethal with his handy rifle and would cut off some of the trouble makers coming into his town to cause trouble on people in town he really cared about.
Every outlaw knew who Lucas McCain was. Any and every wrong doing that was done in town Lucas was aware of it.

Lucas McCain was one of my childhood heroes. Me being a die -hard western fan and a die-hard Rifleman fan one of my dreams was to hopefully had met him. I remember going to a local store in marianna named Ronny’s Dollar Store. Ronny’s was sort of like a Dollar General. I went to the general store with some money I had saved up and brought a toy rifle. And of course I tried to duplicate some of McCain’s rifle moves including his signature twirling the rifle around his hand to quickly draw and decimate his agressors without hesitation. And on the other hand he was a loving and proud father of his young son Mark Mccain. Mark had a lot of Spunk. And his dad was very protective of him. Lucas mccain always protected the citizens and everyone he cared about. I loved the bond he had with his young son mark. Moments like that is What really drew me to that show. As a child that really never had a role model or father around, i could really relate to the bond the father and son had. Lucas Mccain was tough as nails,and always showed mark the ropes. The do’s and dont’s ,and standing on your own as a man. Lucas McCain was the ultimate good guy. Rugged. Tough as Nails. And could kick you to the moon and back if need be. And above all One hell of a brawler. If you got in his way. It was lights out💥💥💥💥💥.

2962 Pic Of Chuck Connors

This is why Saturday afternoons were so important to me back in the good old 80’s. And the fact that chuck connors was one of my childhood heroes is the nail in the coffin. Ahhh.. (sighhh)Saturdays will never be the same again. I wanted to really take this time out to salute one of the greatest western legends ever who I love as a kid, and I still watch this show til this day. Like I said before. I would of loved to had met the legend Lucas Mccain. Could of learned a lot from him. And the glory days of my childhood years in marianna may be long gone,But the memories of reliving one of my favorite Westerns of all times lives on inside of me. At 42 years of age, I still see that little kid that use to faithfully sit in front of a small black and white tv Saturdays for years watching Lucas Mccain bring down outlaws and justice is never forgotten.
Thank u Chuck Connors for some great memories. I can still hear the rifleman theme stuck in my head.
Gone But Not Forgotten.
Here is a classic video Of The Rifleman Video Below

James Toombs


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