Simply Red -Come To My Aid

Simply Red

Artist: Simply Red
Album: Picture Book
Released: 1985
OK.  Is it Me Or Did Simply Red Had all Bases Covered? One minute they could bring some R & B.  Another Minute some smooth jazz. When It’s all said and done This group could flip the script at any time. As one of my favorite artist from my childhood this group always had some feel good music for the soul.
Believe me when a Simply Red Track came on Any And Everyone was getting ready to dance. Rather it was there uptempo songs A’la (Money To Tight To Mention),Or This Track(Come To My Aid),which is a personal testimony and reality check from my childhood days,this songs is one of my favorites from simply red.  Cool, Crisp,and straight to the point. This song always make me feel good and always put me in a great mood rather Im sad or whatever. But like I said before This song is reality. Listen to the lyrics.
This is definitely some Chicken Soup For The Soul.  Enjoy this Classic Video Below
James Toombs………

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2 thoughts on “Simply Red -Come To My Aid

  1. Great song and an even better hairstyle in the video! lol Simply Red definitely had a unique sound, lots of personality and great musical range. Thanks for reminding me of this classic!


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