Feezi Cash -Kansas City Gritter


Artist: Feezi Cash
Album: C.O.D.(Cash On Delivery)
Year: 2014
Genre: Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap, Midwest
Origin: Kansas City,Kansas

If It’s one blog that I have been wanting to do for awhile It’s been on Kansas city rap artist Feezi Cash.
This is one of Kansas city’s dopest emcees in the game. Young, hungry and never at a lost for words I wonder why a major label hasn’t picked him up yet. Or at least a major independent label
(Koch Records are You Listening?).
In todays watered down hip hop industry one thing I always look for an artist to have is The It!!!!factor.
What I mean by the It Factor, is that some hungry artist have to be a go getter.  A go getter that has to be serious about their music in general.
Feezi Cash puts his heart and soul into his music. Every word. Every syllable.


This Midwest rapper have some of the most rapid fire lyrics heard to date.
All of this is evident on my top 5 favorite mixtapes of 2014 .
This 16 Joint Track of Good Old Stories And Tales From The Streets of Kansas City and feezi’s lyrical Hood slang brings a  lot of credibility to everyday struggles to real shit that goes down in the twin cities of Kansas /Missouri.
I basically compare this album as chicken soup for the soul. He basically gives a reality check in every song in this album.  This the album that would get any house party and family get togethers on tilt. This album is a solid and hardcore mixtape that I was actually feeling from start to finish.
And make no bones about it. Feezi is quick to lace us with some old school r and b influence as evident in one of my favorite songs of the C.O.D. Album WE ALL SEE MONEY featuring Rondoe.  That joint which is the #3 track on the album is a feel good laid back track with rapid wordplay from feezi and the assist from rondoe.
Another thing I really love about this album is that Unlike other mixtape artist
The album is not over crowded with guest appearances.
Altho I have no I have Nothing against mixtape artist who has most of the album with guest appearances ,But I feel an album with to many guest appearances raises an eye brow of an emcees credibility of holding his/her own weight on an album.  Power point of the C.O.D. album.  Feezi Had The Right amount of guest appearances on his album without over crowding it with guests. And I love What the other guest kc artist brung to the table on this album. It so many artist in the twin City area of kck/kcmo That put out better music then the majors. This is one of the reasons I always root for the Indy artist.  I feel the Indy artist work way harder than the major label artist that is used to being spoon fed or having things handed to him.
And The Argentine Gritter is quick to roast artist that be on bullshit rather It’s music, hood shenanigans etc.
There is no stunting in his lyrics.


His lyrics always hit the dome. Feezi can incorporate some of the funniest lines in his music to a dope backdrop.
He has that heavy gritting dice music.
I was on my way to Columbia,missouri after copping this strong album and inserted the cd.  And If It Ain’t Real was the First Track to come on. And when I heard him and another kc artist Donta Slusha I said to myself: Feezi about to show the hell out on this album. And man was I right. He stampedes on this whole album with no holds barred free for all’s.
When listening to this album you can’t But help to nod your head. Get hype and relate to his lyrics in street Life. From grinding and hustling from riding up and down parrelel, he delivers some classic street certified shit That’s medicine for the soul. Wity and Savy at the same time feezi is always cooking up your appetites with street literature.
I love an album that has longevity and feezi definitely keeps the album popping and don’t lose steam.
Ksgritter is also a song were feezi lyrics really stand out. And when u here his lyrics is be some of the realest and you feel the passion of his music thru his words of growing up in his origin of Argentine to they Life of grinding you will hear it in his music.


Will I call C.O.D. a classic mixtape ? Oh yeah. Not one flaw on this album.
I love any album That’s strong from start to finish. Trust and believe me you will not have to fast forward not one song on this already classic mixtape.
With s lot of the older Kansas City Rap Artist Who Has Been In The Game For A Minute(Rich the Factor,TechN9E, etc.) To some of The Classic Rappers who is no longer active (Vell Bakardy,Hobo Tone),
I Feel my Homie Feezi Cash is One Of The New  Young Guns, along With Nicky
Sirtainn and Others To Bring Credibility To The Kansas City Rap Scene and bring a Whole New Vibe to Midwest Hip Hop.
My friends that I sent this C.O.D. Album to At home in Chicago, and to my sister in New York,they gave the cd rave reviews.  Good, Reality Check Music. Oh yeah they feel his music and so do I.
And im definitely Looking forward to working with him in 2015 on a mixtape project I’m putting together called The Second Coming.  This is Gonna Be Big If It Materialize.  Looking forward to this. And trust me, working with the Argentine Gritter Is gonna be an honor.
So whatever you do ..go cop that c.o.d. album.  It will not disappoint.  The album is strong from start to finish.

One of My favorite top songs off this album is Paper which he also have a video too and Was shot By Studio Eleven Films
And when you here the song you are immediately gonna Get up and get crunk. With a hellacious beat driven by a dark type string of power driven horns this joint really delivers.  Every time I hear this joint blasting out my speakers it definitely gets my adrenaline going. Especially the sounds of them horns. Definitely one of my party anthems. An as the Title says.. It’s evident Feezi has an addiction to money(But hell, who doesn’t right?)
Hell yeah feezy, I feel you lil bro.
Also check out his YouTube page at
All and All. This is one Dam badass mixtape that cannot be overlooked.
Ya better get your copy before It’s gone.


Overall this is definitely a 5 ★★★★★ mixtape album that any Midwest Rap fan must have in Rotation.
This is definitely a gem.  Great solid production and you can cop the album on kcmixtapes.com
One thing is for sure… and I guarantee it. Feezi Cash is gonna lead the rest of The Young Guns of Kansas City Rap Artist into The Next Decade. And That’s my Word.
He Holds The Key To The Kc Rap scene in his hands.
And The Future of This Artist Is Looking Very Bright.
I salute you In everything you do bro.
Keep That Good Music Coming.
Cause C.O.D. is Classic. And That’s my Word…..


Check His Video Right Here Below;
Video: Paper
Artist: Feezi Cash
Album: C.O.D.

James Toombs

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