Doom & Nehru


OK im gonna start this blog off with an exclusive.  Me Being A Big Mf Doom Fan
I ran across this New Collabo of Doom And His New Protege’ Artist Bishop Nehru to compile the Collabo and duo of  NehruvianDoom.


Artist: NehruvianDoom
Album: NehruvianDoom
Song: Darkness(Hbu)
Year: 2014
Origin: Long Island /Rockland, Ny.

Mf Doom and Bishop Nehru makes Up the Tandem of Nehruvian Doom in this 2014 effort. Doom takes the Young 18 year old Rockland ,New York native Bishop Nehru under his wing for this latest outing in which I can say is a Pretty decent album and a dope collabo. The Song That really Caught My Attention from this album is the Hot joint called “DARKNESS”. I start feeling the song immediately once the intro kicked in to play. The song has a Tribe Call Quest Feel To It With The Congo Drums Kick in In The early Stage.(You Can Here Q- Tips sampled during the bridge of the song),and the beat is definitely raw and definitely an Mf Doom signature sound. I love the beat and Nehru’s lyrical prowess.
On the Second Verse When he is Rapping he kinds of sound like a Younger Version of Special Ed(of I Got It Made Fame),and you can definitely here that influence in the second verse.


I was kind of Surprise Doom Was Not in the Video which maybe was a good move, because this way Bishop Nehru could grace us with his lyrics and he definitely did not disappoint. That beat tho. And great video visual.



Great concept of the Video of Bishop Nehru walking thru an abandoned building in an undisclosed location
really adds value to the video and they definitely stuck with the Title theme which won me over immediately.
Darkness is definitely the go to song on this 9 track joint. And I just downloaded the single so that will definitely be in rotation for awhile on my playlist on my tablet and phone.
Great overall production from Mf Doom as usual. Love this song. Pure and authentic at best.
Here is The Video Below…Enjoy




James Toombs ™

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