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Style always changes and there’s no stopping it. Every season has different trends, and the fact of the matter is most of these trends don’t stay around long enough for others to notice they were around in the first place. Sure, people can argue that styles always have a way of coming back, but do they really? And if they do, how do style influencers determine which are worthy enough to bring back into the mix? Well, no matter what way it’s decided on, you can always count on Jordans to be in that category. More specifically, the Jordan Retro 3 Sneakers in Wolf Grey are the comeback kids of 2014 and many years past. Constantly reinvented, the style influencers and streetwear gods have chosen Jordans as the go-tos of seasons past, present, and (assumingly) future. While the sartorial men are sporting their tasseled loafers and brogues, the urbanites are breaking out their Retros influenced by the 80s but reinvented for Millennials. Only appreciated by true style enthusiasts, every small detail is evident in the construction of these dope Wolf Grey kicks; similar to the Retro 3, the Jordan Spike Lee Bel-Air Sneaker is also something to note in the sense of urban style. Bright, neon & fluorescent spotting cover the Bel Air sneakers, even gaining the recognition and appreciation of President Obama when presented by Spike Lee to the President himself. Both shoes, highly notable for their use of shape and a sort of bulk that few can pull off, are definitely in the works of becoming higher in demand. So, if you’re one of those men (or women) looking to elevate your style, then a pair of these Jordans might be how you’ll do it.








Glad to have gotten these Classic Sneakers.
A must have in anyone’s collection.
Happy Sunday.
James Toombs ™
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3 thoughts on “Style & Fashion

  1. Nice Jordans! Michael Jordan really represented that era and it’s amazing his clothes still live on long after he’s been off the court. Interesting to think about what they symbolise and why they’ve made a comeback for the millennials.

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