Fish Mooney Of Gotham

image Jada Pinkett As Fish Mooney

I can say one thing is for sure. When I first started watching Gotham the first question that was on my mind was will this show deliver or will it be just a flash in the pan? Was the show gonna be eye catching built around the hype?
Well all in all after watching Season 1 faithfully every Monday night on Fox, gotham is must see tv. Myself being a comic book nut could not wait til Gotham debut. And Wow What a debut it was. This is Pretty much built around the early years of some of the heroes and villains of Gotham basically giving you a sign of What’s to come in their latter years. I mean from the villains like poison ivy,penguin, the riddler, and catwoman(til this day I still say She is on both sides of the fence as a villain and hero so you be the judge),to the heroes like Detective Gordon, a Young Bruce Wayne, etc. Gotham was all the hype and every heart pounding episode kept me on the edge of my seat.
image Don’t Ever Make Fish Mooney Mad
But one villain that stood out to me was the very sexy, cold and calculating boss fish mooney. I still have yet to really know what her origin is around gotham. I am beginning to know little by little when watching on monday nights, but I can’t quite place her as far as comic books as I have no memory of her appearing in any. Whatever the case may be this is one beautiful and dangerous woman to not be messed with. Fish Mooney plays for keeps. Anything she wants she gets. If She orders a hit out on you believe me its gonna get done. By any means this is definitely one womans and mob boss affiliate you do not want to cross paths with under any circumstances.
A lot of mystery surrounds her. One question one may ask is what drives this beautiful woman to be so angry and so cold hearted all the time? As all of us have seen on monday nights it does not take much to get her steamed. You even look at her wrong she liable to quickly cut your throat or will quickly resort to bashing you with any weapon.
This was evident when one of her former employees Oswald Cobblepot
betrayed her when she found out that he went behind her back snitching about her underhanded activities and a pearl necklace she was wearing that belonged to bruce wayne’s mother the night she was killed to authorities. She soon found out, and cobblepot paid dearly as she beat him seriously with a bar chair from the restaurant she owns. She then ordered him to be killed immediately.

As one sees Fish Mooney Is One Lady Not To Be Messed With

First look at fish mooney and anyone will first glimpse her as the perfect classy woman. That she can be which is dangerous within itself. At the same time i wonder did something happened
from her childhood or past to make her so angry and irate that she would go thru any means to have power?
And whats behind her name fish? When you first here the name fish you immediately think of a mob boss, or an mafia hitmen. The name of fish fits her perfectly. And she does have ties to the mob. And she is currently on a mission to rid one of the powerful mob bosses in gotham Don Falcone.
As she is an underboss she is ready to eliminate falcone by any means rather hook or crook and is planning her takeover of gotham quitely.

Fish Mooney Planning Her Hostile Takeover Of Gotham

The Very Beautiful And Dangerous Fish Mooney

In the very end i myself is Looking forward to seeing What unfolds in gotham in season 2 . As fish wants cobblepot, falcone and a host of others dead in her path to taking over gotham, What surprises and bombshells will fish mooney have up her sleeve in gotham in 2015? One has to wonder If she will finally get victory and be the most powerful woman in gotham.
Only fish mooney knows whats ahead, and hopefully we will learn more about her origins in the upcoming season.
Doing this quite time I can almost assure fish mooney is plotting her Next move.

Fish Mooney Is One Tough Cookie And Means Business

Watch It All Unfold In Season 2 of Gotham.

Fish throwing her employees out her restaurant while she conteplates her next move .

Trust me. She is definitely gonna cause plenty of trouble in 2015. As only fish Mooney does best. 👍

Check out Fish Mooney In Action Below.

Happy Monday,
James Toombs 12/22/2014

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