Katrina Lee -Ready To Impact

Artist:Katrina Lee
Album: F*ckin Dope Mixtape
Origin: Saint Joseph ,Missouri
Genre: R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Midwest

Well im back again with another mixtape review, and this time I definitely have a treat. Next up is the very beautiful and very gorgeous Katrina Lee. Her mixtape is titled Fuckin Dope. And she never lied when she titled this album. This mixtape is strong throughout. This sultry sistah have a beautiful voice and can mix it up by,rapping as well. Im really loving the hell out this mixtape and this artist
have hip hop and r & b combined on this album. A lot of the songs on this mixtape have a strong 90’s influenced sound on certain songs on here as well.
One area of this 90’s influence is definitely evident on the # 4 track on this mixtape(and one of my favorites on here as well),is called MY BIZNESS.
This song is off the rocker. This song really gels. Guest Artist on this track name is INNERSTATE.
This Joint is hott, and both artist let it be known they hold each other down right here. This collabo is pretty much like a 2014 bunny & clyde. Check out the lyrics from Innerstate..
I Just Stay In My Lane
Cause I ain’t got no traffic there
Show me were that money at
Bring my n*ggaz we trappin’ there.
Innerstate with the punchline right there is definitely a quote that has been stuck in my head for days. Very gritty and tight.
And then the queen herself follows up with her venom as well.
Yeah he the man in the streets tho,
Getting money all he know,
And you can never be me
You can never be queen.
If you ask me that collabro was pure heat. She pretty much letting it be known she riding with her man and gonna hold it down with him.
Katrina most definitely switch her music up at anytime which makes this mixtape pure gold.

Katrina Lee Photo. Photo Courtesy of Katrina Lee And Used By Permission

Her style is reminiscent of Adina Howard(Of Freak Like Me Fame ).
She definitely has music for the bedroom and many club bangers on here. Very Raunchy, and definitely can get some shit jumping off after dark.
In this case track # 9 MAKING LOVE
featuring Mr Diesel will definitely set the mood during cocktail hour or rather you smoking on a backwood this joint was definitely dead on, and the whole vibe of the song is sexy within itself.
Katrina keyd in on this song with …..
We was making love, we was making whoopie, started on the bed, then on the dresser were he put me.
It was something special,
It was kind of crazy
He even had me blushing when he called me leelah baby.
And then she follows up with the chorus Toes curled, back arched, legs spreaded on hard.
Oh yeah. This song is definitely a joint for adults only ,or that quality time with your significant other.
And follow that with Mr Diesel’s on point delivery and you have nothing but Heat right here. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
They definitely made a great Team on Making Love and I want to see the both of them on other releases. The chemistry was definitely there.
This sistah have just a very sexy album all around. She has some hard hitting tracks you can ride out too and I feel her music in general. And add to rotation That It’s rap and r & b too!!!!
That’s priceless.
Track #10 Eleven Eleven takes it back to What I was saying earlier. That Early 90’s feel. The whole signature sound and everything. I played this song quite a bit in one day time ,and especially on repeat. I love the lyrics from the Artist By the Name Of Brandon. Definitely complimenting her throughout the song and her sultry backup vocals gives Eleven Eleven a lot of Steam. Hope she gets a video to this one.
One of the heavy hitting tracks on the album also is the #11 track Inside Of Me. I love the drum tracks and composers who made this track. This track is definitely motivational(Made this my new ring tone,because my bizness was my recent ringtone).
I love feel good songs like Inside Of Me. This is like her testimony. Not Looking back. Excelling ,Keeping her cool. Pain and letting it all out. And It’s very neo- soul influenced. This is gonna be in rotation on my playlist for a long time.

Back Album Cover Of F*ckin Dope. Courtesy of Katrina Lee Used By Permission.

Screen Shot Of The Real Good Love Video
Screenshot #2 Of Katrina Lee
Screenshot #3 of Katrina Lee

#15 track Too Much (Feat.WyzzDumb)
Is another certified Banger that is not gonna go unnoticed. Stories of the trees and partying too much is mentioned on this track. I love it. No holding Nothing back. Just straight kicking it and trading verses.

And im gonna say this. When you get ready to end a mixtape you end it whit a dam Bang.
The #17 track Star Mission was all that and then some. As soon as that deadly organ beat kicked in This Joint went ham and I got up out my seat and started getting crunk. This joint had me pumped and adrenaline was on 100. Katrina rips the mic and get dead off in any and everybody’s ass on this one. And got her point across.
And you can see for Your self…..
Grindin ‘ harder than the most
Paper chasin ‘ ,on a mission
From Tha Bottom, to tha ‘top
try and learn it, pay attention,
Niggaz hatin ‘as expected
Keep it movin ‘, disconnected,
I’m the dream, i ‘m the gift,
I’m the one, I do this shit.
Wheww. Man I tell ya!!! She definitely said her peace and it won’t go unnoticed. She can definitely hold her own in the hip hop field also.
And she also have a video to this mixtape called Real Good Love and this is a song definitely a jam for the steppers. You can see the video below.

Katrina Lee Real Good Love Screenshot #4

Real Good Love Screenshot #5
Real Good Love Screenshot # 6

Artist: Katrina Lee
Video: Real Good Love
Album: F*ckin ‘ Dope
Year: 2014

Beautiful Song and Video featuring The Steppers Of Kc dressed in All White in This Video definitely gets 5 Stars. ★★★★★.
You can get this gem at kcmixtapes.com Her mixtape is definitely a must have in your collection.
And Katrina Lee Gonna Make Some Noise in 2015. Every keep this Artist on the radar. And if you don’t grab her mixtape for your collection you are definitely missing out on st joe /Kansas city ‘s best kept secret.
And thank u Mrs Katrina Lee For Blessing Me To Do This Blog.
You are well on your way and im Looking forward to your Next project.
Everyone go and support this Artist.
And cop her mixtape.
Cause It’s F*ckin ‘ Dope.
Happy New Year.
James Toombs 1/1/2015 💿

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