Nowadays seemingly there is always so much chaos. People turning against each other. Children rebellious. Law officials that’s suppose to protect and serve us can’t be trusted. People that are supposed to love you and you trust with all of your heart is the main one’s that black ball you..These are definitely the last days. Revelations is at an all time high. You see it everyday on the news . Everyday in communities . Every Household..Every School or College. Every work place. Revelations is one of the most dangerous chapters ever. What my version of chapter you may ask? Meaning the bible ,but….just in everyday life period. Nowadays people only want to be bothered if its beneficial for them or if they can get over on you ,or the typical latter “Use You”. Seems like these times that’s mostly the go to antidote. Sometimes opening up to the wrong people about personal situations was not always a good move also. I know this from experience . I have in the long fold found myself falling back from a lot of people or cutting off all ties from everyone. I always get asked why. Major people I know or have known in the past have no goals or anything set in place . 

Like the old saying goes …Change is Good .Change is for the better..But,one of my questions do you expect to change when you are constantly doing the same routine you was doing years ago? Or how do you go by change when there is no common entitity in place? In my dialisis your the only option to make change!!!! At 44 years old this is why I been considered by many to be a “lone wolf”. People have gave me so many reasons not  to trust them. Or over the years  i have seen people that had potential ,and could excell to the next level on things fall victim to what I said previously “Change”. Sometimes you can go thru the motions ,and just need that one person you can talk to. But ,everyone is not to be trusted. This is were you have to be careful . Be careful who you put your faith, or trust in.

I’ve had a thing in the past were I have had people get a little bit to close to me . That’s one of the mistakes I said I would never let happen again. I always seem to keep my guards up. Sometimes I feel everyone have there own agenda . 

So I always find myself thinking a lot. Questioning about myself and the what if’s? Back to were change comes in at its just best to cut everyone off ,and go another direction from people who don’t want change. Crazy thing is….people I have known all my life will never adapt to it. Everyone wants to keep drama ,or gossiping or trying to be seen going.  Like the old saying goes “Out Of Sight Out Of Mind”. I go ten fold on that quote. And since 2015 I stand by it. Loyalty, betrayal,and distrust is definitely s major function with me. 

When we feel we have been let down by others, it is easy to want to shut down and shut off. After all, why leave ourselves vulnerable and exposed? Won’t we just get hurt again?

Loving with our whole heart is risky. There’s no doubt about it. We will get hurt. But by God’s grace, we start to understand that just like we have broken places where wrong thinking and living breed, so do other people. We are all yearning for a greater grace in the letdown places. Each of us is a conduit of God’s mercy, and even more so when we find it hard to love. His grace enables us to move towards Him and one another, instead of away. It is a true miracle work that only The Holy Spirit can do in us.

Moral To The Story..In these times its best to just stay away from people. Me I just fall back with out any notice.. Nowadays no one is to be trusted. Get Right Or Get Left . Happy Monday …


James Toombs 

Blog Posted On 12/19/2016 7:33 pm eastern